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About me

My name is Dominik Wajda and online commonly known as GoldDominik893.
I'm interested in anything to do with:
- Networking
- Radios
- Electricity
- Programming
- Crypto(graphy)
I think that NFT's and DRM are a stupid idea. But Bunkercoin is pretty cool.


Programming projects

Liberatube - A Privacy, Feature Rich alternative front end to YouTube.
Libremonkey - A website similar to Google Forms that lets you create surveys without spyware.
webcamforwarder - A basic python program that lets you stream your computers webcam to your other devices on your network via a web interface.
timelapse - Create timelapses using your webcam.
url-shortener - Very Simple PHP URL Shortener: No ads, no websocket, no nonsense.
face - Python program that scans a webcam and highlights a face in blue and a body in green.
invidious updater - Shell and Batch script to update a docker install of Invdious.
Gold's sus mod - A weird but interesting Minecraft mod made in MCreator.

Electronic or Electrical projects

c4.epicsite.xyz - My dodgy battery

Websites & Services

Not mine but i host it:
2137.epicsite.xyz - How long until 21:37?
libreddit.epicsite.xyz - An alternative frontend for Reddit.
nitter.epicsite.xyz - An althernative frontend for Twitter (or X).
boiurl.epicsite.xyz - Simple URL shortener made by sys-256.
passcheck.epicsite.xyz - Check your password's strength.

My stuff:
lt.epicsite.xyz - My official Liberatube instance.
libremonkey.rf.gd - My official Libremonkey instance.
sysdl.epicsite.xyz - ???
epicsite.xyz - This website.
files.epicsite.xyz - The epicsite small files repository.
guwno.epicsite.xyz - Funny website me and my cousin made.
c4.epicsite.xyz - Has my battery exploded yet?

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